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    Basic Computer KnowledgeCompetitive Guide | Computer - 1 | Full Tutorial in Kannada

    Competitive Guide | Computer – 1 | Full Tutorial in Kannada

    Computer Knowledge Part 1 

    Questions with Answer 

    1. The Computer is What kind of machine? – Electronic
    2. The term Computer is derived from – Latin 
    3. Who is the Father of Computer Science? – Allen Turing 
    4. Who is known as Father of Computers? – Charles Babbage 
    5. First Computer that performed calculation; – Abacus
    6. What is Software ? – Set of Programs 
    7. Which is known as brain of computer system? – Central Processing Units (CPU)
    8. Which one of the following is a Primary Memory? – Random Access Memory (RAM)
    9. Which one of the following is Secondary Storage Device? – Hard Disk
    10. Which of the following is the most powerful type of computer? – Super Computer
    11. First Microprocessor Chip developed by: – Intel
    12. Which of these is removable storage media? – Pen drive  or  other Esternal Device
    13. Cache Memory is – High Speed Memory 
    14. Which Super Computer developed in India? – PARAM
    15. How many digits are used in binary number system? – 2 (0&1)
    16. Which unit of the computer performs the calculations? –  Arithmetic logical Units (ALU)
    17. One byte is equivalent to: – 8 bits 
    18. What is the full firm of IP? – Internet Protocol (IP)
    19. Which device is required for the Internet Connection? – Modem , WiFi etc.,
    20. Bit is short for: – Binary Digit
    21. memory  Stores:
    •  The Operating System 
    •  Application Programs 
    • The data being processed by the Application Programs


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