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Full Information About Chandrayana 2 in Kannada

Chandrayana 2 Live Launching Video 
( 22-07-2019 )

Why Chandrayana 2 ?
What are the Uses of Chandrayana 2 ?
What are Devices are launch in Chandrayana 2 ?
What is Moon 1 Day ?
How Orbiter, Lander, Rover Work in Chandrayana 2
Where to Land in Moon By Chandrayana 2 ?

Chandrayana 2 3 Vehicles are ;-
  • Orbiter 
  • Lander 
  • Rover

The Lander is named as VIKRAM and the ROVER is named as PRAGYAN
Chandrayana 2 Land in South Pole of The Moon for very 1st Time

After launched it's 98% passed mission 2 % failed chandrayana 2 becouse end of the mission of launch chandrana 2 lander is not to launch sucessfully 2.3 kelometer lander network connection is disconnected . so last 14 day rover launch is failed 

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