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    Daily Tech NewsDaily Tech Updates | Tech News | In Kannada | 23-07-2019 |...

    Daily Tech Updates | Tech News | In Kannada | 23-07-2019 | Tech News in Kannada

    Top Daily Tech News in Kannada 

    Top Daily Tech Updates Topics : 
    • Samsung Foldable Smartphone Ready for Sale and Relaunch
    • Whatsapp on Jio Phone ( Kai OS ) 256 MB
    • Vivo Launching New S1 Series at 7th August 
    • SBI YONO Netbanking Server Down last 2 Days
    • Xiomi New Record – Top 500 Companies in Fortune
    • Xiomi Note 8 Pro comes with 64 MP Camera
    • Oppo Comming with New Foldable Smart Watches 


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