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    Kannada Tech NewsTech News | 04-08-2019 | 64 MP Camera | Samsung | Huawei...

    Tech News | 04-08-2019 | 64 MP Camera | Samsung | Huawei | Vivo | Media Tech 5g

    Tech Weakly New Updates In Kannada

    Weakly Tech News Topics : 

    • Realme Launch New Smartphone 64 MP Camera with Quad Camera smartphone
    • Samsung Note 10 and 10 Pro Specification Leaked
    • Huawei Mate 30 Pro Launch and Quad Camera with Dual 48 MP Camera
    • Samsung also 64 MP Camera Smartphone with A Series Launch Leaked
    • Vivo S1 New Smartphone Launch in India
    • Media Tech 5G Chipset in 2020 Quater 
    • Amazon is Launch Food Delivery  in India
    • Whatsapp New Feature Forword Message
    • Whatsapp is Worked on Multiple Devices Login and Use
    • Ather Scooter Price Drop Becouse GST
    • Revolt RV400 Launch Electrical Bike in India by Revolt compony 
    • India Railway will No 1 – Solar Pannal are Use For Electicity and Drive
    • Chandrayana 2 New Photos are Shared to ISRO


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