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    Government ServiceHow to Link Voter Id Card to Aadhaar Card | SMS...

    How to Link Voter Id Card to Aadhaar Card | SMS | In Your Home | Indian Govt ask | Mandatory to Link

    How to Link Aadhaar to Voter Id Card

      Method 1 by Your Mobile Phone Through app 


      Method 2 by Using Online 

      Why Voter ID Card Link to Your Aadhaar Card ? 

      Voter Id Card Link to Aadhaar Card is a Mandatory to Link, otherwise Your Voter card is cancelled as per new Indian Government Rule. All Voter Id Card Link to Aadhaar Card Before 17-November-2019 is the last date to Link Your Aadhaar Card, 
      The Main Benefits of this rule is to avoiding useless Voter Card, and Avoiding dual Voter Id Card, Avoiding Spam Voter Card and more

      Steps to Follow Voter ID Card Link to Your Aadhaar Card : 

      There is 3 Method to Link Voter ID Link to Aadhaar Card
      1. Online Method 
      2. SMS Method
      3. Official Method

      Online Method :

      1. Open National Government Portal Click Here 
      2. Click Electors Verification Program
      3. If Don’t have Account click New User to Register 
      4. Registration Process: Enter Your Phone Number 
      • Next Carefully Enter Display Captcha Number 
      • Enter on SEND OTP
      • Wait for few second you get OTP on Your Mobile 
      • Enter OTP Number
      • Click on Verify Button
      • Click on I have Epic/Voter ID Card Number
      • Enter Your Epic Number, Email Address
      • Create Strong Password – [Note : Password must be at least 6 characters long. 1 digit (‘0’-‘9’), special character, 1 uppercase (‘A’-‘Z’).]
      • Click on Register – You can successfully Registered to Voter Id Login

      Votor Id Card Link to Aadhaar

      1. After Register Portal You can Go to Login Page   
      2. Enter Your Phone Number/Epic Number
      3. Enter Your Password and Click Login 
      4. You can successfully Login Your Dashboard
      5. Go to Electors Verification Program
      6. Select Verify Self  Details
      7. If not show verified then click to Verify My Details 
      8. Sea Your Id Card Details and Varify Your ID and Details
      9. After varify if all is right then tick on Information displayed above is correct
      10. Select Your Upload document whether it’s Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Passport, Driving License and more any one of the document upload and fill the number
      11. Submit to varify

      SMS Method: 

      SMS Format : 
      send message to 166 or 51969

      (NOTE : Send SMS Timings 10 AM to 5 PM )

      Official Method : 

       Visit a nearby BLO office and Submit the Document of Aadhaar Card and Voter Id Card and successfully Link to Voter ID
      If Any Dobt pls comment me


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