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    Finance in KannadaWhat is One Person Company? | Full Explanation

    What is One Person Company? | Full Explanation

    How to Start One Person Company?

    One Person Company : 

    One Person Company is started in 2013 by Govt of India New company to start. 
    One Person Company is a 1 Directer as to 100% share to invest and earn 100% Profit by the company. 

    Benefits of One Person Company:

    • Low Complaints / Risk
    • Limited Liabilities 
    • Legal Recognition to Loan from the Bank
    • Entire company ownership in Your hand
    • Easy to manage one Person Company

    How to Start Business of One Person Company: 

    • Get Digital Signature
    • Create Your DIN (Director Identification Number) Number 
    • Company Name Approval 
    • Create MOA (Memorandum Of Association)
    • Create AOA (Article Of Association)
    • Proof of Registered Office
    • Affordability and consult of Directors 
    • Declaration Latter 
    • File MCA Online Fill the Form
    • These all after the process Varified all correct You get Certificate of Incorporate


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