Before Using Credit card ? Awareness about Credit Card in Kannada


How to Use Credit Cards?

Some Important Questions to About Credit card solves in the above video: 
How Works Credit Card?
What is Credit Limit? What Basis calculated Credit card
What is the Cash limit of credit card? 
What is Credit card Payment Due dates?
What is the Billing Cycle? – 1 Month
What is Credit card Billing Date?
When Credit card Billing Generated?
Techniques of Credit card Usage?
What is Credit Card Minimum Payment Due?
What is Credit card Total Due Dates?
How to Credit Card convert IMI?
Having all Credit Card having a conversation of EMI?
Rewards Point in a Credit card?
What is a Credit Card Balance Transfer?
What is a Credit card Pre-approved Loan?
What are the charges? 
List of Disadvantages of Credit Card: 
  • It is one type of Bank Loan
  • Fees of the cast are high 
  • Read Terms and conditions?
  • Annual Maintenance Charges
  • Credit score Decrease if not due amt paid 
  • Interest Charges


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